Our Chapter History

The Westport, CT Chapter of NCL was started as an Expansion Chapter in April, 2006 by our founding President Suzanne Kalb.  We formally became a chartered Chapter in April, 2008.  Over the last 11 years, we have grown to an organization of 273 members, including 65 Sustainer Members who have graduated and still want to remain a part of our amazing Westport Chapter.


Past Presidents of NCL Westport
Suzanne Kalb (Founding President) 2006-2008
Georgia Adams 2008-2009
Frances Rowland 2009-2011
Lee Saveliff 2011-2012
Pam Collins 2012-2013
Lynn Nicklin 2013-2014
Nancy Munley 2014-2015
Nadene Beck 2015-2016
Brenda McGee 2016-2017
Erika Carter 2017-2018

Beth Handa 2018-2019